Hungarian MP Hajnalka Juhász in Washington to discuss fight against coronavirus, climate change and economic depression

Christian Democratic People's Party representative has met Republican MP Carol Miller.

Hajnalka Juhász in Washington

’I was honoured to accept the invitation to Washington of Republican representative Carol Miller.

Our rich and varied discussion touched on a number of important topics. In addition to the measures taken by the Hungarian government to restart the economy, I introduced in detail our success in combating the pandemic.

As politicians committed to conservative values, we are also both dedicated to protecting the environment, and see a number of ways forward in this area. Congresswoman Miller was particularly interested in the Hungarian government’s undertakings to achieve climate neutrality.

Following the end of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, we are all aware of the importance of face-to-face meetings in our lives. This is equally true in international politics, because it is important for us to take pride in our achievements and values, and to talk about them’ – Hajnalka Juhász wrote on her Facebook page.

Hajnalka Juhász in Washington